Pet Bathing in Long Beach, CA

Give your pet the fresh and clean treatment!


Treat your pet to a day at the spa!

 As much as we love our pets, let’s face it—sometimes they could smell or look better. And while a relaxing hot shower or bath may be one of our (human) favorite times of the day, that isn’t always the case with our furry friends. Our professional staff is here to make the bathing process as fun and stress-free as possible for furry companions. Whether a pet is here with us at Joyful Paws Hotel for one day or a week, they will return home smelling clean and sweet with our enhanced dog bathing options.


Bathing as low as $30 a dog!

Benefits of Regular Bathing

Regular bathing is an important part of our pet’s health. Dogs benefit from regular coat care. It’s never a good idea to bathe a dog with human grade shampoo, as dogs have specific needs. A good cleansing bath with a quality dog shampoo will work wonders and will make him more enjoyable to be around as well!

Don’t wait until your pup has rolled in something gross to give him a bath! Dogs come into contact with all sorts of things that may irritate their skin. Pollen, dirt, bacteria, and everyday debris can get caught in their fur, which can leave it matted or just plain dirty. A cleansing bath is a good time to get rid of loose fur, soothe irritated skin, and remove allergens and dirt from their coat. Rubbing the shampoo into a dogs’ coat also stimulates their skin, like a doggy massage!

Bathing your dog isn’t just about getting him clean. While each dogs’ needs are different, regular baths are an opportunity to pick up on any health conditions that might otherwise be missed.


Dog fresh from a bath
Cat scratching at feather at the scratching post

Don't Forget Cats Benefit from Baths Too!

While cats generally enjoy being bathed less than dogs, that doesn’t make bathing any less beneficial. While cats regularly groom and clean themselves, the occasional human administered bath is good for kitty health as well. It rids their coat of excess oils and bacteria, flushes out old fur that they would otherwise swallow (hairballs anyone?) and provides the opportunity to detect any unusual skin conditions or lumps.

Add-On Services

In addition to a cleansing bath, we also offer a variety of add-on services such as nail clipping, teeth brushing, and cleaning of the anal glands. For our guest’s enjoyment, we have many exciting and pet-friendly shampoo choices, including:

  • Citrus Flea Defense w/Citronella Oil – All natural insect and flea repellent
  • Rejuvenating Argan Oil – Enriched with Moroccan oil to rejuvenate and repair dry and brittle coats
  • Detangling Mango Butter – Infused with nourishing mango butter to moisturize and detangle their coat
  • Calming Lavender – Contains lavender oil to calm, relax, and soothe the skin
  • Cooling Herbal Mint – Cools and rejuvenates the skin and coat. Great for hot spots!
  • Oatmeal & Chamomile – For dry, itchy skin. Contains natural coconut milk and aloe vera to provide the ultimate skin and coat conditioner
  • Brightening Juniper – Brightens white coats, as well as intensifies dark and mixed color coats
  • Hypo-Allergenic & Tearless by Perfect Groom – Fragrance- and dye-free for puppies and pets with sensitive skin
  • Coconut Milk Conditioner – contains natural coconut milk and aloe vera to provide the ultimate skin and coat conditioner. Rich in natural moisturizers and emollients leaving the coat supple and tangle-free
  • *Deshedding by Furminator – Enriched with omega 3’s and reduces excess shedding by releasing the undercoat

Bathing as low as $30 a dog!