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Premium Dog Boarding as low as $73 a night includes a $15 Activity Package!

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Dog Boarding at Joyful Paws

Deciding where to leave your dog while away on vacation is an important decision for loving pet parents. There are so many things to consider about dog boarding: will my dog be safe, be well taken care of, and happy?

There are plenty of options to make sure your dog is cared for while you’re away. Some people consider having a dog sitter come to their home, or a dog walker coming three or four times a day to feed and walk their furry friend. There is a better choice for dogs that thrive on canine and human companionship: dog boarding at a quality pet care facility like Joyful Paws Hotel in Long Beach, CA! Discover why area pet parents chose us for the Press-Telegram’s “Best Of” Pet Boarding Award!

We also offer a variety of Extra Amenities for a hotel quality stay.


A Safe, Dog Friendly Environment

Dog Boarding in a safe, friendly, and stimulating environment is a great solution for your dog. Why? Quality dog boarding facilities are built just for dogs. We provide a safe, secure, and loving home away from home for pets here at Joyful Paws Hotel in Long Beach. It’s also filled with many pet loving professionals who are reliable and trustworthy. This way instead of being home alone missing you, your canine companion can spend his days surrounded by doggy and human friends. And thanks to the expertise and care of our staff, all dogs that stay with us are offered plenty of comfy places to rest and snuggle up in, the choice to eat their own dog food, plenty of potty breaks, and attention.


Husky in the boarding area
Golden retriever at Joyful Paws

Private Dog Boarding Suites

Dogs love coming to Joyful Paws for their overnight stay! There are lots of amenities for dogs to enjoy, including plenty of privacy and space. We have soft rubber flooring and synthetic grass in our play areas. Guests are welcome to bring bedding and toys from home however, Joyful Paws is also happy to provide these items free of charge. Dinner and breakfast are served in the private suites at 7 am and 5 pm, and our doggy guests remain in their suite for one hour after they eat to digest their food properly.

You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your pooch is being well taken care of. Your fluffy friends will be monitored and cared for by our staff, fed their regular food, and enjoy all the comforts of home while enjoying a little vacation of their own!

Quality Dog Boarding, including play, starts as low as $73 per night and includes a $15 activity package.

Fun & Safe Dog Boarding as Low as $73 a Night Includes $15 Activity Package

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Superior Accommodations & Care

Joyful Paws provides a safe and nurturing dog boarding environment for your four-legged family members. Our comfortable accommodations and personalized care ensure every furry guest feels right at home. Choose the best overnight experience for your pet, whether it’s open-space social boarding or a private luxury suite. We’re convenient to the entire greater Long Beach area including Lakewood and San Pedro.

Exciting Activity Packages

Dogs thrive on activity and engagement, especially when they’re away from home- but not all dogs need or like the same things. At Joyful Paws, we understand your dog is unique. That’s why we offer discounted activity packages you can customize especially for your dog. Do you have a friendly Lab who loves to play with other dogs? Maybe you have a senior bulldog who needs a little extra tenderness and pampering. Or did you just adopt an energetic Yorkie puppy? No matter your dog’s breed, age, or energy level, they’ll love our special activity packages.

We’ve bundled together some of our most popular options into discounted packages for the most enriching and stimulating canine vacation. Some of these include:


Play! Play! Play! To some dogs, nothing is more fun than playing with their fellow canines. Social play satisfies a dog’s pack animal nature, improves their social skills, and ensures plenty of exercise running and romping with furry friends. If your dog prefers two-legged playmates, our caregivers are more than happy to provide on-on-one playtime and attention.

Cuddles & Love. Is your dog a snuggle bug? Our staff is eager to spoil your precious pup with lots of human attention, belly rubs, and kisses. We’ll even tuck your pet in for the night with a bedtime story.

Brain Teasers. While physical exercise is important to dogs, so is mental exercise. Dogs are intelligent and find satisfaction in mental stimulation. Our interactive puzzle games are constructively engaging, mentally rewarding, and lots of fun!

Puppy & TLC Packages. Ambitious puppies and gentle senior pets need special love and care. Our Puppy Package includes extra potty breaks and playtimes for your furry young one. We also offer a TLC Package designed for senior pets, which includes mobility breaks and orthopedic bedding.


Club Membership

Gold Membership - $40 Month-to-Month

  • Daily Report Cards with Photo or Video
  • Monthly Event Participation
  • Birthday Party Package
  • Priority Lodging
  • Monthly Nail Trim

Silver Membership - $25 Month-to-Month

  • Monthly Event Participation
  • Monthly Nail Trim


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