Extra Amenities

We go the extra mile.

Individually labeled dog food bowls

Food from Joyful Paws Pantry

This service is meals that are provided from the Joyful Paws Pantry. We encourage parents of our guest to provide their pet’s food but, if this has been forgotten in the overnight bag we can provide this service. Joyful Paws Pantry is stocked with food from Whole Earth Farms, a grain-free limited ingredients diet formula. This service is charged on a per meal basis.

Administration of Meds or Vitamins and Supplements

Joyful Paws staff can administer topical and oral medication, vitamins and supplements.

Wag Vision

Keep an eye on your love while at work for extra piece of mind.

Club Membership

Gold Membership - $40 Month-to-Month

  • Daily Report Cards with Photo or Video
  • Monthly Event Participation
  • Birthday Party Package
  • Priority Lodging
  • Monthly Nail Trim

Silver Membership - $25 Month-to-Month

  • Monthly Event Participation
  • Monthly Nail Trim


Club Membership